What Happens After Death

what happens after deathThere are not that many people who are qualified to talk about what happens after death, and there are not that many people who are going to be able to elucidate upon it at length. In Frank Scott and Nisa Montie’s books you will gain a brand new perspective on the whole experience, that explores in detail what occurs, and what the significance of those things seen are, and what the ramifications are in terms of how we understand our selves as spiritual beings, and our place in the scheme of things.

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Frank knows what happens after death because he has been there and seen it, and he lived to tell the tale. The narrative in these books takes you on a journey that explores the far reaches of consciousness and existence, and lays out for you how to navigate this complex system we exist within and all the events that you are going to experience.

It is one of the big questions. If you have at any point in your life wondered about what happens after death, you are going to find the answers here. Each book presents a unique viewpoint from which to see and understand where you as a spiritual being stand in relation to both your true self and the universe as a whole.

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