Restoring the Heart – The Metaphysics Of Divine Love In An Eternal Civilization

The Purpose of living Life on Earth is to refine the physical unit’s nervous system so that the human being is able to hold more and more “light” (divine energies) within his or her physical structure.

This process of enlightenment (earning inner luminosity) is a gradual result of the Love of God permeating every cell, every molecule, every atomic and subatomic particle of the participant in God’s Great Experiment. In order for the entity (human by agreement), to become aware of his pre-ordained destiny – to be a servant of God, spreading His Love in the particular and unique way Designed for that individual – the particular matter of his physical structure must be vibrating at a high-enough state that it can hold the Light from on High.

The surrender of the servant to the Master of all the worlds and universes is the key to allowing the Infinite Light and Love of God to permeate the human structure. Without this total surrender to Will and Desire of God, the human being on the road to enlightenment is literally kept in the dark by the system of intelligent life.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for the human Soul-possessing Being to become extremely familiar with the Word from the Latest Manifestation of God, because the Word is encoded with the Light-frequencies necessary to destroy the ego hold on the human entity’s Spirit and mind, allowing the absolutely necessary and complete surrendering to the Will and Pleasure of God, the All-Mighty.

Restoring the Heart

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This kind of Love binds each of us eternally, carrying a message of hope to those that despair and find themselves isolated. It promotes the advancement of a Divine Civilization as each Realm acts as an expression of its own luminescent radiance and purity, expressing its own density related in quality and character to a material composition in a three-dimensional state, and becomes a way of the heart towards God—Living God’s Dream: Paradise.

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