A New Vision Of Reality – Echoes of a Vision of Paradise: If You Cannot Remember you Will Return, A Synopsis

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The Love of God is the motive power in Creation. It is the reason behind it.  To be consciously aware of God’s Love is to Know about Eternal Life.

The way the authors have experiences the Love of God, in a personal sense, is by practicing what could be called sensual chasteness. In this way of intimate sharing, the couple enjoys sensual bliss of a higher dimensional order by using the senses in a refined and subtle way, particularly the sense of touch.  This refinement occurs as a result of opening up to the Divine Modulation and gift of God’s Love, as the couple hugs, kisses, and caresses one another.  By surrendering to the Divine Love reflected by their eternal companionship, each one becomes not only closer to god, but also to the beloved companion.

After all, what could be more eternal than the Love of God? In fact, logically speaking, why would anyone want to put all the effort it takes to sustain a relationship, without the assurance that such a relationship should last eternally? God does not want His people to waste time, surely.

What conditions must be fulfilled for a married couple to love one another with this higher level of light, bliss and delight.

Since God is transcendent, beyond His creation, and the Creator is only accessible through His Manifestations, who carry His presence through the Holy Spirit to Earth – within Their Embodiments and Words – recognition of He Whom God made Manifest is paramount.

Once the eternal companions have achieved this acknowledgment, they are in alignment to receive the correct flow and frequency of Love for their time-space continuum.  Like two tiny drops of water in a clear mountain stream, they are swept to the Sea of Infinite Awareness together, basking in the noon Sunlight of Infinite Love.

Is there a sacrifice required? Of course.  How else would God know that we are serious, that we love God above all things?

Women on Earth, by the nature of things in their journey at the present time, by birthing, nurturing and caring for the children, their families and larger communities, are, in general, already sacrificing.  This sacrifice is known to God.


Echoes of a Vision of Paradise, a Synopsis


We have not heard of anyone besides the present author who has experienced near-death multiple times over a forty-year period. In fact, this author has experienced going to the other side more than half-a­ dozen times, each different than the one before, as well as over a dozen out-of-body events that leave the body interacting with others who remain unaware of the occurrence.

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