Beauty is on the Inside – Fun Moral Stories

Real Beauty Lives In The Heart

The humans could also perceive their celestial guardians – the angels and fairies, Beings made of Light who visit Mother Earth in service to God’s Plan for all His creatures.

Still, even at that time, some of the humans had forgotten their true Divine Natures – that they too, were made of light inside the costume of their physical bodies.

Let’s see how one little girl, who didn’t feel that she was beautiful, was helped by her Nature Friends to remember the beauty inside her-Self.

Our story begins when Betty was five years old. She was not happy with the way she looked. She had short, curly brown hair that always stuck out crazily all over the place.

She wanted to have elegant hair like her Ant Tessie’s long, blond hair. She also wanted to be stronger and bigger like her older brothers, Jay and George, so that when they teased her, and she told them to stop, they would listen.


Beauty is on the Inside


Five-year-old Betty doesn’t like how she looks. She wants to look like Aunt Tessie—and be bigger so she can stop her older brothers from teasing her. Luckily, with the powerful assistance of Oliver the Oak Tree and the fairies Melissa and Melinda, she goes on a magical journey into her heart to discover her true beauty. “`Where am I?’ she asked her fairy friends. `Inside the Beauty,’ replied Melissa. `Inside your heart,’ added Melinda.”

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