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authors-frank-scott-nisa-montie-transcendent-adult-books-educational-childrens-books-dunedin-floridaNisa M. Montie obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing from Oberlin College, and her Master in Education from George Washington University. Her pilot film, Nisa Nature’s Adventures, was produced in 2003 for an educational Television series to teach children about self-respect and respect for nature and the environment through an entertaining musical format.

Frank K. Scott, after his tour of duty for the United States, graduated from Southeastern University, Washington D.C., succeeding as a business entrepreneur, while carrying on his career of writing and speaking upon the nature of the universe and its dimensional realities. Having dozens of out-of-body experiences, near-death personally over six times, his insights have fascinated, and continue to open the minds and hearts, of his varied audiences.

Frank Scott & Nisa Montie have collaborated in the writing and publishing (through Balboa Press) of twenty four books— twelve books for adults and twelve books for children. All books may be purchased from Balboapress.com, Amazon.com (Kindle format), and Barnesandnoble.com (Nook format).

Transcendent Adult Books

Are you a seeker looking for the path to a higher state of being? Or ways to expand your consciousness, refine your intellect or improve your mental outlook? Look no further…


Educational Children’s Books

Looking for children’s books that teach respect for nature & values? Reading is a great activity for fostering family fun-create motivation for early reading…


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Are you an individual on the quest for knowledge of the universe? A mother looking for books that teach respect for nature & good values, the books of Frank Scott & Nisa Montie are bound to delight…


Mr. Scott and Ms. Montie now travel the planet promoting the Unity and Universality of the human experience, in relation to its Divine Source, with particular emphasis upon the necessity of equality between men and women to produce a lasting and positive civilization.

Go to: Loginthesoul.org to view and order the children’s books and Loginthesoul.com to view and order the adult books.

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