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Bees, Fairies, Organics Save The Day

For those wanting Clearwater Children’s Books, Bee And Fairy Power is the book that they have been looking for.

Isabelle was up, and had thrown on a diaphanous cloak made of all the bands of light in a rainbow. It was sheer, and showed her lithe, rose-petal adorned form beneath it. She was drinking a smoothie of rose and apple essences when she heard a cheerful whistle. Looking up and smiling, she watched Donya fly down and land next to her with a flourish.

“Hi, Donya. You’re up early. Did the bees wake you?”

“As usual, Isabelle, you’ve read my mind before I could say it. So, what’s the answer to my next question?”

‘Yes! Let’s go together to the Earth plane for our newest adventure.” She paused and smiled. “I see you are still in your pajamas.”

The boy Nature-Being was still clothed in his fuzzy night-wear of woven mullein leaves. “Want to fly back to your place to grab your Magic-Heart Cloak?” his friend suggested.

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“Great idea!” Donya replied, flapping his wings extra-hard for emphasis. “And we can bring the Wands of Transformation!”

“Right. Would you like some rose-and-apple blossom smoothie?” his fairy friend replied as she offered him a luscious-smelling drink in a hollow gourd.

“Of course. Yummy,” Donya said. He sipped it, and felt the energy of the flowers filling and brightening his form. Off they flew to Donya’s home.

Bee And Fairy Power

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“I am a bee from planet Earth, and my name is Ben.” He circled around and chanted, “505, 505. The bees are dying …”

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