Teaching Children Compassion | Andy Ant and Beatrice Bee

If you are looking for a great story for kids that is teaching children compassion also entertains them immeasurably, then you need to read Andy Ant and Beatrice Bee.

He exclaimed with a tone of concern. “A big gust of wind came and knocked me against that tree limb over there, so I fell to the ground. How kind of you to ask! By the way, I’m Beatrice.” Beatrice smiled at Andy in a way that made him feel soft and warm all over. “What’s your name?” “Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Andy. Do you think that you can fly home?” Andy asked with concern for his new friend. “I don’t know. She tried to move her wings. Ow, my left wing feels stiff” Trained in Insect First Aid, Andy carefully examined the injured wing. “It doesn’t look broken. I think you may need to give it a rest for a couple of days, and then you’ll be all right.” “Oh my goodness, how will I get home to our hive?” “I will carry you to your hive,” Andy said promptly.

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Andy Ant and Beatrice Bee


When Andy is walking through the forest, he finds a bee who has a hurt wing and cannot fly …

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