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There are two conditional flows or systems through which packets of information are transported along scalar waves, running through the Simulator. The first, and most important one, is seated as the foundation to the entity’s eternal existence, the Soul, bringing about a tenth-dimensional state of awareness: the I am aware that I am aware, a state bringing about the fundamental condition of immortality to bear its fruit directly upon the creature.

God Knows of His Love – an eternal engine that creates and sustains – for each entity, as an act that engraves His Image from within His creature, now forever aware of His Revealing Beauty. The Eternal Divine Life created by this Love has neither known beginning, nor known end, and fuels the sate of a Being of Light attainable through that Portal, a Soul-based state of awareness which can be called Knowingness.

The second conditional flow or system that Reveals His Love, is the Spirit, seated fifth-dimensionally. As the engine bringing about all things, the Spirit binds eternally a Creation with purpose and meaning unto Himself, and animates everything everywhere, the created and/or manifested, with His Love.

The Simulator


It is impossible to detect the Simulator, unless you are able to get out of its box that contains you….

Difficult to perceive, it hides in subtlety, a layering that is superposed in such a manner that one’s senses catch only that which becomes uploaded to the brain and converted into a mind-world construct—the reality we experience from moment to moment. It is impossible to understand, for the instrument itself, the mind, is found within its precinct.

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