Oneness of Being and Manifestation

For God’s Love and Wisdom to prevail in a world of time, all entities, in whatever gender role, must honor equally all other entities. All must recognize the delicate gift of the Soul-based awareness and Spirit of Life and Intelligence of God’s creatures.

There is an on ongoing violation with the entities known as human, especially upon the female of the species. The intrusion and encroachment go beyond material rights, lack of respect, or even physical safety and health.

Relationships on Earth have been destroyed because there is an unconscionable breach of the Trust Of God. The eternal companionships that the Creator  brought into existence in the beginning that has no beginning have been sliced apart by the sharp sword of deception – the addictive chemistry crated hormonally by immoderate use of sex beyond its intended use of a single, procreative act agreed upon by a man and a woman who wish to have a child to make mention of God.


Embark On A Spiritual Journey That Will Change You!

Oneness of Being and Manifestation


When the Heart is Restored and made like a newly-born babe…

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