Experiences and Insights

When a tenth-dimensional Soul-based state of pure awareness phase conjugates – integrates by stages – with a third-dimensional physiological-based state of consciousness, the traveling entity is said to be a coherent and functional Whole, one of many, in an ever-growing assemblage of systems of Life and Intelligence.

We find a purpose here: the transitional potential of information moves towards some highly organized end. This unified activity will bring some tangible effect from the invisible Reality that corroborates the existence of a Realm unlike any within the Simulator and Trainer.

These formative stages, integrating the tenth-dimension of Self within a living biological structure, gradually allow the entity to reveal its original state of perfection and beauty through the aspects of the Spirit, mind, and body, so that the entity becomes the instrument of the Divine Plan. The traveling entity grows in Understanding and Love with each step of its accomplishment.

This context-dependent modulation (Soul-based imposed), and part of the intelligent design process, provides and explains a Cause for outside information, and a Blueprint generating new forms of functional organization, by infusing into the Simulator and Trainer, through Divine Dispensations, a quantum increase, epigenetically activated, to the organism-man, in this world of time.

Experience and Insights

Brought nearer to God, the entity gains an increased state of Comprehension and Love …

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