Life After Death Book | Echoes Of A Vision Of Paradise If You Cannot Remember You Will Return Volume 3

For those looking for a Life After Death Book that provides answers, this is the book:

Life is about being consciously aware . It’s about knowing, loving, being connected to the ever-present moment; remembering and returning, and experiencing reunion with the Beloved.

To those who cannot perceive, all we can say is, why short-change your Self? Why continue to see through the eyes of limitations, when there is so much more there, beyond the sense-perceived world of matter?

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To those that have begun the journey, we say, don’t stop now. There is much more to be experienced; just remember to search for the Manifestation of God for this Day and Age. He, alone, is the Educator and Healer that can restore the severed connection to the time-immemorial Root.

The process takes place outside time. It cannot be measured. When the full realization happens, you will know it. Nothing is ever the same.

All entities, regardless of their species, or whatever specifics best address their fractional and temporal existential experiences, are under One Divine Plan, bringing us all towards the realization, the coming to understand an ultimate Reality embracing us all in mutual service.

Echoes Of A Vision Of Paradise If You Cannot Remember You Will Return Volume 3

life after death book

We wonder how a creature can sense the presence of the Creator? Can someone so far removed truly be so near? Is there a way to become cognizant of God’s imprint in His creature, how he makes Himself known and established in heart and mind?

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