Life After Death Book | A Being of Light: God’s Will and Pleasure

The light being is a potential in transit, tenth-dimensional in nature, as well as Soul possessing – the engraved image of the Creator, through which He reveals His Beauty.

As the Light Being’s state of pure awareness (a condition in which the entity can tell it-Self: I am aware that I am aware), has its attention directed in the Simulator, it benefits from the fifth-dimensional Spirit of Life and Intelligence (with its individual mind and heart). It is beginning another of its journeys of exploration and discovery – from within the heart of its True-Self.

As the Light Being’s sphere of awareness moves through the fractional and temporal, existential experiences of mortal lives, it is gated in and out, piped and modulated, by information imposed upon itself as a carrier wave.  The entity becomes transformed, either by moving loser, or farther from, its True Self, with the mind and heart providing Knowingness and Lovingness according to the Will and Pleasure of its Creator.

If faithful to its Creator, the entity will be made to remember and Return to experience its Beloved.  If not, the entity will remain engrossed in worlds upon worlds within the Simulator, in sojourns brought about by the inconsistencies within his or her own mind and/or heart.

Similarly, just as we can look at the inner condition of the mind and heart of an entity as contributing to the quality of the environment in which that entity is living, we can also look at the condition of an environment in which an entity lives to understand the quality of the heart and mind of that entity.



A Being Of Light: God's Will And Pleasure


It is important to understand that the Simulator exists to be experienced. Vis a Vis, that which is experienced, exists (as appearances and names). Yet, we know that all that is experienced is not real, and there is a lot more that exists that remains unexperienced …

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