The King and the Castle – Frank Scott & Nisa Montie

A Unicorn And A Prince Team Up To Find True Love

He was really a homebody, never having gone to overnight camp, and preferring to spend his days in his room reading fairy tales. For one thing, he was really bad at camping. The tent poles never seemed to line up right, making a fire was something he preferred to leave to the servants, the moldy leaves and grass caused him to sneeze, and hiking more than a quarter mile hurt his feet. So Leon decided to talk to the Almighty.

“God, would You please help me? Send me a sign that it is time to find my fortune, preferably with some stops at reputable inns.”

As often happens when humans invoke the Divine they soon forget the requests they have so fervently made.

That night, after a particularly challenging game of chess with his knight Brigit (Brigit won), Leon went to bed and dreamed of nothing more than the winning chess moves he could have made with just a bit more time.

On awakening, just as dawn was breaking, with the birds singing mightily, he heard a pounding loud as a jack hammer on the outside of the wooden shutters. Since he slept on the second floor, he wondered what kind of giant pileated woodpecker could have mistaken the window coverings for a tree.

The King and the Castle


“My name is Impetuous. It is time to start your journey for your kingdom and castle,” declared the unicorn, tossing his brilliant head and mane. Leon was confused—had he really asked for this? “How do you propose we do that?” “Jump on my back!” When Prince Leon flies to a new land with the turquoise unicorn Impetuous, love lands in his path in the form of the mysterious woman named Lily. Could she be his queen for eternity?

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