Life After Death Book | Echoes Of A Vision Of Paradise: If You Cannot Remember You Will Return Volume 1

This unique Life After Death Book will provide you with insights from someone who has seen these things.

We will begin with a • (dot) of Light, a point of entry or portal into a cosmic address and the space that contains it All —an “oven” that cooks us to Perfection.

Why do we need this ‘dot‘? A Creator characterized as Infinite, desiring to be known from a beginning that knows no beginning nor end, holds all that is and will be within this one ‘Dot of Light.

That, at its most general, is how the narrative begins.

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This one • (dot) of Light is a symbol used to represent the whole of Creation. Within this ‘dotof Light, everything that is un-manifested and manifested, hidden and unseen, far and near, is contained -as an ever-present potential in-transit, expanding and transcending over time.

Our earthly experience and humanity, our individual tracks of time can run parallel to each other, until they intersect and a relationship is formed. Sharing moments of time-forward events can bring individuals together for a while. If and when the ‘Love of God‘ is present, these temporal time tracks begin to evince their eternal nature — to allow two entities to experience an eternal companionship.

This ‘pairing phenomenon‘ is a dynamo that causes a current to flow, the flow of nature, the Divine Flow from the Creator.

Echoes Of A Vision Of Paradise: If You Cannot Remember You Will Return Volume 1

Echoes of a Vision of Paradise presents the idea that a human, soul-possessing Spirit Being — a gated, unmodulated potential carrier of light —  who is unaware of the Divine Plan is not yet considered enlightened.

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