A Practical Guide To Paradise – Paradise: The Science of the Love of God

Axiom 1

The Love of God comes in response to the love of the creature for his or her Creator. The entity shows (through virtuous thoughts, feelings, and action) his or her love and adoration for God; through the passion and desire to please the Lord of all the worlds, and led by a longing and yearning demonstrating the need of the humble being for the Creator, the creature entreats the Creator with a silent ongoing petition admitting his or her state of utter poverty, and absolute-nothingness, before Him.

Axiom 2

The Love of God is the Home of the creature. All else is a home away from Home. God’s Love is one’s island of safety, a place of familiarity and comfort, the eternal abode and sanctuary affirming the entity’s eternal connection to the Lord of All.

As we move about within the Simulator, visiting endless places, partaking of myriad experiences, progressing or regressing, nearer or farther from Home, travelers know of the need to Remember and Return Home, to live always within the eternal Heart of the Beloved.

Axiom 3

There is only one Soul (-based state of pure awareness), one Spirit of  (Life and Intelligence), and one Mind; all travelers share and participate therefrom – the eternal bond that connects us all. Like the blades of grass springing out of the soil, travelers, too, are dispersed throughout the time-space continuum, their spheres of awareness focused through the diversity of their physical units, and their physiological-based states of consciousness.

Paradise: The Science of the Love of God

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This is the final book in a series of books dedicated to explain and assist in the understanding of one’s journey within the simulator—a trainer as a system for the development of life and intelligence, remembering and returning to one’s higher self.

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