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A Magical Tale Of Virtues

When the two bird students returned to meet with Professor Adeline, they described to her what had happened to Paradise.

“I had considered the possibility that something might have occurred in my home town,” the ancient Tortoise said, “because I hadn’t heard from any of my childhood friends in a really long time. Did you happen to notice anything unusual when you were there that could have indicated what happened?”

“Our stones!” Happy and Bright-Wings replied simultaneously.

“They said, ‘Love of God,” Bright-Wings added. They Professor nodded.

“Makes sense because ‘Love of God‘ lit upon my Virtue Board here in the office while both of you were on your journey.”

“Wow,” Happy said. The Bluebird, the Cardinal, and the Tortoise were silent. Then Bright-Wings chirped,

“That must mean that Paradise fell into disrepair without the Love of God.” Happy hopped excitedly on her perch and said,

“And that means by adding back the Love of God, we can bring back Paradise!” The Professor nodded her compact head,

“Very good. You can even the speed up the process by adding many Virtues to the place – maybe in a next-door neighborhood where Nature still flourishes; after all, you’ve got to have trees to build your nests, something to eat, and water to drink and wash your feathers.” The Ancient Tortoise rocked her shell back and forth while shaking her head in a very approximate imitation of a bird shaking off water droplets after a bath. They all laughed.

“Are you suggesting that Happy and I go live next door to the area where you grew up, practice Virtues, and reestablish Paradise from there?” asked Bright-Wings, fluffing his brilliant red feathers at the audacious thought.

Return to Paradise


“The Professor will be so happy. We have proven that the Virtues really do work to create Return to Paradise,” Happy the Bluebird chattered excitedly.

If Happy and Bright-Wings the Cardinal could have seen just behind their backs, they would have noticed that inside each of their backpacks was a glowing Virtue stone. Bright and steady as a star, each stone shone with the word Wonder.

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