Spiritual Enlightenment

tab-005Frank Scott and Nisa Montie’s books offer a new slant on spiritual enlightenment. They take you from the very start of a vision of paradise, right through to a vision of the future, through a series of books that lay out for you a journey that Frank Scott has taken.

Each book builds on the previous book to give you a comprehensive description of the visions that Frank has seen throughout his lifetime. It is a unique perspective – one you are unlikely to read anywhere else.

Take A Spiritual Journey With Us, Buy A Book!

If you are looking for a way to think outside the box, or just want a new slant on things, or are even just a student of different philosophies, it is worth getting this book. A lot of people have written about NDEs from research and interviewing others, from an outside perspective, but there are not too many people who are writing about it from their own firsthand experience – this is what Frank does, and this is what you will be getting when you read these books.

Start with the first book in the series and then follow along, and you will be able to experience what it was like for Frank to take that journey too. The insights you will get will change how you look at everything and may transform the way you viewed what once seemed like mundane things. These books uncover mysteries and instil a sense of spirituality into the every day.

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