Spiritual Books

resizeimagehandler-ashxHave you been looking for spiritual books that provide you with answers to some of the big questions? Have you been wanting to find out how everything hangs together, and what the design behind it all is? Frank Scott and Nisa Montie have some answers that they want to share in a series of books that contain concepts and a vision given to Frank at various points in his life when he has undergone near death experiences.

Taking you on a step by step journey from the very first moment to the realization of the Divine Plan, this series will show you a conceptual framework that encompasses everything. It is an eye opening experience that will make you re-think a lot of the accepted truths that you have been using to operate in your daily life. The way existence is re-framed by Frank will make the familiar landscape seem more than a little different.

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As you continue on your journey with Frank and Nisa a more expansive vision and view of things will open up before you. Each book refines and adds to the vision, so that you build up a fuller picture in the same way that Frank did along his journey. Once you start reading this compelling series you will not want to stop until you have read and digested the message in each volume, and eventually the whole series of books. When you have finished you are definitely going to look at things differently.

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