Popular Children’s Books

educational-childrens-book-author-frank-scott-nisa-montie-dunedin-floridaWhat do you think of when you think of popular children’s books? They tend to have a certain quality – the best ones. They are timeless, and often they speak not only to the children that are going to be the main audience, but they also speak to the adults that may have to read the story to their children. As the person who buys the book, parents are going to have some standards that need to be met; as a child listening or reading the book you want to have your interest held by the tale. Fidgety kids or turned off adults does not make for a big success.

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JK Rowling has never talked down to her audience. Roald Dahl really understood the perspective of being a kid. Frank Scott and Nisa Montie have some of these elements in their writing, and we know you will definitely respond to them. Encapsulating a sense of wonder while telling a great story and being thought-provoking – these stories will stick with you.

If you are looking for stories that entertain and educate we have them, and we know that you will really get a lot out of them. Give your kids and yourselves a gift – something great to read. Frank Scott and Nisa Montie have written books for children of all ages; stories that engage on many levels,and bear repeated readings.

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