Mario And Tonya

Mario and Tonya |Teaching Moral / Ethical Virtues

Teaching moral/ethical virtues to young children through puppetry, creative movement, and drawing/coloring.
Available in English, Spanish, or bilingually.
Sponsored by Nisa Nature’s Adventures dba Kito and Ling Productions and the Children’s Crystal Kingdom Church.

Children’s Crystal Kingdom Church (Fed.I.D. # 45-4515395):

We are a spiritual organization welcoming all beings under the shelter of our One Creator for the purpose of moral and ethical uplifting of all God’s children through classes and lectures for children, students, adults, and elders.
“Mario and Tonya” is our latest program available for pre-school and kindergarten classes, teaching tolerance through an entertaining and interactive 40 minute program including puppets, creative movement, and drawing/coloring.


Call 240-762-0116 or email to schedule your class today!
Frank Scott and Nisa Montie

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