educational-childrens-book-author-frank-scott-nisa-montie-dunedin-floridaTeach your children to care for the environment with Frank Scott and Nisa Montie’s great eco-tales. Presented in a fun and engaging way, through great characters and their involving stories, children are both entertained and educated.

Using eco-tales to tell children about the environment can be much easier than giving them some dry text book that just doles out facts and figures . With this rich and inventive approach Frank and Nisa are able to personalize the stories of those concerned with different aspects of the environment and really make someone care about them and their plight, and their viewpoint.

Learn About The Environment In A Fun Way!

Frank and Nisa believe that eco-tales are a very important tool in their toolbox, for raising awareness, improving compassion and kindness, and teaching moral values. Children really respond to the simple messages and their presentation, and they really enjoy meeting all the characters in the books.

Learning about the environment is very important, and these books encourage children to read and learn about the environment at the same time. Check out our range of children’s books – you are sure to find something you will enjoy. We are confident you will find them fun to read, but that they will also stimulate your children into thinking.

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