After Death

tab-003Not many people are granted a glimpse of what comes after death, and there are not going to be many at all who have an experience like Frank Scott. He has had several near death experiences, and has returned with data that he wants to share with the world; data that will change the way that you think about the world and your place in it.

Expanding his vision with each volume of his books, unpacking each of his experiences in such a way that his reader will get the feeling that they are traveling along with him. It is a journey after which you will be changed, and through which your understanding of existence will be challenged.

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If you have been looking for answers and haven’t known where to look, we want to suggest that you start with Echoes Of A Vision Of Paradise: If You Cannot Remember You Will Return Volume 1
and work through the other books. You will see the journey and the vision expand, and it does your understanding will likewise expand.

Frank Scott and Nisa Montie, working together, are presenting something of an odyssey that Frank has embarked on, and they want you to join them on their journey to enlightenment. Explaining in great detail what was witnessed and what this means, these books lay out for you the structure of existence and reality itself.

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